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schacht-reeves-30-cherry2I knew I was going to offer yarns and fiber in the boutique, as well as spinning wheels, but I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go, as it wasn’t possible to stock all the yarns I’d had in the shop. I pondered my decision for several months and finally made some decisions.

You will find luxurious merino, alpaca, cashmere and silk are all presented here for you. There may be some cotton and linen as the seasons necessitate also. Okay, so we have narrowed the field a bit. What about yarn weights? You’ll find I have a range from lace to DK, which knit and crochet into the most delightful garments and accessories. Items made from these yarns are elegant, but they also create a more slimming silhouette than items made from the bulkier yarns, and that’s something we all like! In the not too distant future I’ll bring in Malabrigo (one of my favorites) in a variety of weights.

Now, let me share with you a bit about my philosophy on internet buying. As a former shop owner, I encourage you to purchase as much as you possibly can from your local yarn shop (LYS). I know, only too well, the costs involved in owning a shop, as well as how much work is really involved in being on demand the way most yarn shop owners are. So, please support your LYS! Now, having said that, if you don’t have a LYS, or they don’t stock a yarn that is in my boutique, by all means, please buy from me.

What does buying on The Whole Ball of Yarn Boutique look like? Here’s the scoop. I can offer yarns at a competitive price, particularly if you are buying in larger quantities. Regular retail pricing is listed, but for quantity purchasing, send me an email including the number of skeins/balls/hanks that you want, or in the case of fiber, ounces, and I will let you know the price. Because you are purchasing at a lower price, shipping will be added to your order based on weight.

If you are looking for a different color in a yarn that I carry, or a yarn from a manufacturer/brand that I carry, let me know and I will get it for you. There may be a small wait time, but if it is in stock at the manufacturer, I can get it for you. Special orders must be prepaid prior to the order being placed on my end. There will be no returns on special orders. Moreover, special orders carry a minimum purchase of 5 skeins per yarn.

Schacht, Ashford, and Louet spinning wheels and accessories are available from The Whole Ball of Yarn online boutique. Call or email for information.

If you have questions that I have not addressed here, just send me an email or give me a call and I will happily answer them.